As cities grow, the buildings get closer together and taller. Nature in our cities is under pressure, and there is not much space left over from meeting the many requirements from users. We need nature in our cities to provide good places for people to live – to cool our urban environment, absorb rainwater, clean the air, produce food, relieve stress and enrich our lives with sensory experiences and impressive sights.

At Arkitema, we have many years of experience in establishing vibrant and usable urban spaces and landscapes. Our landscape architects create usable and robust urban spaces, which make the cities a better place to be by focusing on sustainability in relation to aesthetic, functional, social and environmental considerations. We focus on creating experiences in the public space and promoting a sense of community and well-being, interaction and diversity among residents and users.

How we create modern urban spaces

In our urban environment and landscape design, we work with a variety of urban settings, from squares and parks to activity and learning landscapes, health-promoting outdoor areas, communal areas in housing complexes, roof gardens and the important edge zones between the buildings and the urban space.

Arkitema Nexus Landscape 01 web
Our building blocks are plants, surfaces and other elements of the urban space which together provide a basis for biodiversity, climate-proofing and space for people to live and meet

We have professional breadth, insight and innovative capacity to meet the major challenges of urbanisation – climate adaptation, biodiversity, mobility, social issues and liveability. The team is made up of 40-50 architects and landscape architects, urban designers and local planners. Our collaboration across the offices in Sweden, Norway and Denmark gives us access to even wider knowledge and practical experience, including ecosystem services and social sustainability. Through COWI we also have access to other top-level skills and analytical tools which can enable sustainable solutions based on a high level of knowledge.

By drawing on the extensive knowledge and experience that exists within the team, we can ensure that all landscaping projects are delivered to a high standard. Good teamwork and development then enables us to help with e.g. screening, landscape analysis, conceptual design, programming, design manuals, planting plans, project design, installations, procurement, quality assurance, construction management, technical supervision, maintenance plans and technical and financial control throughout the process.

We develop landscape designs everywhere

Landscapes and urban spaces are all around us, so it is important to take the task of creating these spaces seriously and consider them right from the start of every project. So the list of projects we have worked on is very long, as we cover the whole spectrum from major strategic development projects such as Lynetteholmen, Sluseholmen and Nærheden, to everyday green outdoor spaces such as the deprived area of Rosenhøj, climate adaptation at Risvangen in Aarhus and roof gardens for students at Nordbro in Nørrebro.

In Urban Space and Landscaping, we regularly work on a whole range of projects within: