We create architecture for the many and for the common good. The result is a continuous balancing act between sustainability, beauty, and economy.




Efficient workflows and a coherent treatment process are essential to a well-functioning healthcare building 

Focusing on the patient, we design buildings that offer smooth treatment processes, with minimal waiting time and treatment services located near the patient. This means, for example, that outpatient facilities are easily accessible and located close to functions such as diagnostic imaging and facilities for blood sampling.

Walking distances and vertical shifts are minimised and softened by means of daylight and views, benefitting all user groups. To secure efficient workflows, we place professions that share patients close together, while supporting professional communities by enabling knowledge sharing.

On each ward, we give support functions, such as medicine storage room and sluice room, a central location, and each room is laid out in close dialogue with users, focusing on efficient workflows while ensuring a good working environment. To achieve the best result, solutions are developed in close dialogue with the users.



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Co-creating Scandinavian Cities in wood

Timber is a renewable resource which grows with help from solar energy and is seen as being one of the most environmentally sustainable building resources available.

We work strategically towards sustainability, and have assembled a dedicated team who have specialized competencies with timber construction – Arkitema & COWI Timber. Our focus is to deliver high quality building solutions using modern timber constructions. Timber buildings have a minimal CO₂- footprint, are solid and quick to erect, and above all create indoor climates which are healthier to live in. Our Scandinavian teamwork is the market leader within architecture and timber-technology. We are able to offer the latest expertise and solutions, the benefits of which will be felt for generations.

Our goal is to create the framework for the best quality of life, and at the same time actively be at the forefront for a green transformation of the building industry. With timber construction, we are able to realize CO₂ reduction goals, whilst increasing productivity and help support the growing push for a cultural revolution towards sustainable building practices.

We have specialists with many years’ experience with timber construction at our Scandinavian offices in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Who though close relationships with the construction industry, universities and suppliers, ensure that we can continue to be the markets leading consultants.

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