Development plan for a new district in Aarhus N

A new district is to emerge between Skejby and Tilst on the outskirts of Aarhus over the next few years, focusing on security and quality of life. The area will highlight diversity and provide the basis for a high-quality environment for both residents and visitors. A green district characterised by dense urban spaces and cluster developments and separate residential areas.
  • Aarhus Kommune og Stadt A/S
  • Location
    Marienlyst, Aarhus N
  • Year
    2020 -
  • Size
    Ca. 700.000 m² grundareal, ca. 300.000 m² boligbebyggelse
  • Architect
  • Landscape
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The new district of Marienlyst lies in a green corridor surrounded by fields and woods between Tilst to the west and Skejby and Aarhus University Hospital to the east. The vision behind the district is to develop a distinctive green neighbourhood, offering great security and quality of life to residents. An inspiring place which provides a setting in which diverse and meaningful communities and activities can grow. There should be interaction across all levels, from the large district down to the very local scale, where people know their neighbours and form close communities and strong local identities and affiliations.

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The area is to be developed with the goal of creating multiple communities, each with their own identity. Clusters will be based around the needs and wishes of the individual residents, with scope to develop shared interests. Communities as we find in small rural settlements, for example, with social centres, shared courtyard spaces and outdoor areas, to be used as an extension of the living room, an extra hobby room/workshop, a greenhouse for all generations, or whatever it may be. Places where people can meet in an informal, planned or random way and enjoy and contribute to a living environment.

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As a green neighbourhood, it will incorporate sustainable elements into homes, communal functions, and outdoor areas. Waterways, green corridors, and groves of trees will provide ideal conditions for biodiversity, and the plan is to use a lot of sustainable materials and ideas.

Caption: The many planned spaces and functions will provide an ideal setting for communities with diverse aims.

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