Scherfigs Have

A visionary housing project

On a beautiful location between the district of Svanemøllen in Copenhagen and the town of Hellerup, right next to the beach, new houses were built. The project is true to its natural and beautiful surroundings and encourages use of the area while also providing for the privacy of the residents. A challenging task at a prominent location.
  • Freja Ejendomme
  • PenSam
  • Allan Klug
  • Location
    Scherfigsvej, Copenhagen
  • Year
    2014 - 2020
  • Size
    100 homes, 14.830 m² in total
  • Architect
  • Landscape

Scherfigs Have is also a visionary housing project with an ambition that goes beyond establishing exclusive and attractive houses. The area is tied together via a path in the landscape, which connects the street Strandvejen with the sea front, from where you can pass through the garden while facing the sea. From houses as well as outdoor spaces, the view, garden and water are in focus.

All houses are built in dark bricks and with a corresponding dark mortar joint with plain gables and recessed balconies offering shielded outdoor spaces with a panoramic view.

Arkitema Scherfigs Have Photo Niels Nygaard 11 web

Blending in with the surrounding neighbouring houses, the beach-front houses, 'Strandvillaerne', are located towards the south. The beach villas have sloping roofs and large glass sections, which let in the light and provide a stunning view of Svanemøllen Bay and Oresund. These houses have a simple expression with exclusive materials and thus reflect the style of the existing houses.

Arkitema Scherfigs Have Photo Niels Nygaard 04 web

Located to the north, the taller houses with a view are adjusted to the height of the existing buildings at the location. These houses boast the same optimum sunlight and view as the beach-front houses. Here, the façades have deep, private balconies, which step down and thus add dynamics to the façade. To emphasise the garden atmosphere and as a welcoming gesture, all parking is below the houses.

Arkitema Scherfigs Have Photo Niels Nygaard 16 web