Kronborg Strandby

Close to light and a magnificent view

A housing project close to the beach means a lot of effort and when, moreover, you choose a location right next to Kronborg Castle, it calls for a steady hand when the buildings are in a setting with Danish and international cultural heritage. It places you under an obligation and you must respect all aspects of this unique location.
  • Ejendomsudvikling Kronborg Strand
  • WR Enterprise A/S
    Turnkey Contractor
  • Location
    Strandpromenaden, Helsingør
  • Year
    2018 - 2020
  • Size
    15,000 m²
  • Architect
  • Landscape
Arkitema Kronborg Strandby 14 Photo Michael Ellehammer web

Kronborg Strand is a housing project where tower blocks turn and twist along the beach. This ensures attractive views from the city and down towards the beach – a view that is framed and enhanced by the Scandinavian-inspired timber houses with sloping roofs clad with black roofing felt. As an extra element, we incorporated ochre-coloured areas in the concrete inspired by the old dinghies in the area, which have sails in the same shades.

Arkitema Kronborg Strandby 13 Photo Michael Ellehammer web
Arkitema Kronborg Strandby 10 Photo Michael Ellehammer web
The landscape with lyme grass and Scotch roses reflects its surroundings and enhances the connection to the beach.

Between the houses, we established a lowered landscape, which with lyme grass and Scotch roses reflects its surroundings and enhances the connection to the beach. Here, you are always close to the light and the magnificent view, which is so characteristic of this place.

Arkitema Kronborg Strandby 12 Photo Michael Ellehammer web

The total of 157 homes are distributed in 24 buildings and represent three types of houses: 'Strandvillaerne' (the beach villas), 'Strandhusene' (the beach houses) and 'Byhusene' (the city houses) with variations in each type. The beach villas are exclusive houses in two to three storeys and are primarily located in the first row with a panoramic view and daytime living spaces fronting the sea. In the next row lie beach villas as well as beach houses of varying heights, providing for exclusive and comfortable types of houses. With up to six storeys, the city houses are the highest of the three building types; multi-storey buildings with a view and sheltered terraces or balconies and they are also suitable for business purposes due to their size and location close to the city.

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