Hellerup Station, Forecourt

Revitalized Forecourt for Hellerup's 10,000 Daily Commuters

For years, the area in front of Hellerup Station appeared as a disjointed urban space, bisected by Ryvangs Allé and characterized by an uneven array of buildings. With an entirely new forecourt, Hellerup Station has become part of a cohesive and inviting urban space.
  • DSB Ejendomme
  • Arkil A/S
  • COWI
  • Location
    Ryvangs Alle 79, 2900 Hellerup
  • Year
    2020 - 2023
  • Size
    1.500 m²
  • Architect
  • Landscape
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The transformation of the forecourt at Hellerup Station exemplifies how integrating the station into its surroundings can improve the commuter experience and the aesthetics of the city. The development has focused on changing the station's appearance from being hidden to becoming an inviting portal. Here, integrated bicycle parking, green elements, and the development of a plaza with space for stay are elements that open the station to its surroundings.

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Arkitema's primary goal was to establish a visual and accessible connection between the station square and the platform areas. This was achieved through the strategic demolition of buildings and sheds, paving the way for expanding the existing narrow platform and introducing direct access from the square to the platform via ramps at both ends. The south ramp connects seamlessly to the pedestrian bridge over the tracks, mirroring the existing northern tunnel passage, thus offering travellers a cohesive and fluid movement.

099 Hellerup St lys
The plaza's lighting strategy creates increased safety through a combination of uniform lighting supplemented by focused lights at strategic points.

The previously scattered and inadequate bicycle parking has been enhanced through a consolidated parking area south of the station. The new open bicycle parking with rowan trees as a “green filter” creates a clear, yet visually permeable boundary between the square and the platform. This complements the historic row of trees along Ryvangs Allé.

The project was executed with Arkitema as the construction leader in close collaboration with the client, DSB Ejendomme, the engineers from COWI.

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