Trondheim Central Station

A modern transport hub made of timber

Trondheim Central Station is the largest railway station in Central Norway and one of the most important public transit hubs in the region. Here, pedestrians, cyclists, local and regional buses, trains, boats and cars meet, which makes the station highly important. What makes the project extra challenging is that construction of a new station should not disrupt train services linking the north and the south regions.
  • Bane NOR Eiendom
  • PKA Arkitekter
    Architect collaboration
  • Arkitema
  • Veidekke Bygg
    Turnkey Contractor
  • Sweco
  • Multiconsult
  • Aas-Jakobsen
  • Danielsen
  • Location
  • Year
    2020 -
  • Size
    18,600 m²
  • Awards
    AR Future Project Awards 2023 - Infrastructure
  • Awards
    1. price in NAL competition
  • Architect
HISM Arkitema Trondheim Interior 02 web

Trondheim Central Station will be a new pulsating centre for the third largest city in Norway, creating a link to new urban development in the old industrial harbour. The area, which used to separate the city’s historical centre from the harbour and the fjord, is now being transformed into a modern transport hub made of timber, which will set the bar for future urban development across the platforms and the goods railway area. Consequently, the project is designed for the future, while respecting the architectural history, and is inspired by traditional timber station buildings and Trondheim’s beautiful timber buildings. Timber will be used for the load-bearing structure and the interior, which will result in a welcoming project with a small carbon footprint. In addition to the timber façade, solar panels will be established to meet the project’s ambitious sustainability goal of achieving a BREEAM Excellent certificate.

Arkitema Trondheim Central Station 02 render
The new hub invites the entire city inside.

Entering the station, passengers will find the station space easy to navigate, and you will have plenty of time to orient yourself while choosing your direction. We included modern wayfinding by having broad main axes in dark colours connect the key passenger flow on all storeys with centrally located lifts, stairs and escalators. Along the main axes lie cafés, kiosks and service functions. In addition to the station element, the top storeys will include extensive office areas for municipal workplaces and citizen service functions.

Arkitema Trondheim Flow Web
Arkitema Trondheim Central Station 05 render
Arkitema Trondheim Situationplan Web
Arkitema Trondheim Facade Web
Arkitema Trondheim Central Station 04 render

At a very early stage, the project set up a collaboration between the architect, engineer and contractor, since construction of the high-complexity building should not interrupt train services. To facilitate this complex process, a joint project office was created, where the engineer, architect and contractor work closely with a highly dedicated client, who acts as a key co-developer on the project.

HISM Arkitema Trondheim Aerial 01 web