Five new metro stations

The design of the five metro stations on the section spanning Havneholmen, Enghave Brygge, Sluseholmen, Mozarts Plads and Ny Ellebjerg stems from the overall design for the Copenhagen Metro, prioritising security, daylight and a good experience for passengers that chose the public metro system.
  • Metroselskabet I/S
  • Systra & Gottlieb Paludan Architects
    Architectural Partners
  • COWI
    Landscaping Partner
    Engineer and transport systems
  • Superflex
  • Pernille With Madsen
  • René Schmith
  • Christian Schmidt Rasmussen
  • Henrik Plenge Jakobsen
  • Metroselskabet
  • Location
    Southern Harbour Area, København
  • Year
    2015 - 2024
  • Size
    5 underground stations
  • Architect
  • Landscape Architect

From the very outset, the Copenhagen Metro has been an ambitious project, linking the city by means of elegant, future-proof metro lines and stations. The next stage of the project will be the Sydhavn Metro (M4), which will connect the city to new urban development areas in southern Copenhagen. As a result, the terminal station of the Sydhavn Metro, Ny Ellebjerg, will become the second largest traffic hub in Denmark, offering access to metro lines; international, regional and local railway lines; as well as buses, cars and light rail in one integrated transfer hub.

Arkitema Metrokort cityringen sydhavnen
Arkitema Metro Sluseholmen platform web
Arkitema Metro Ny Ellegjerg web
Arkitema Enghave Brygge platform web
Arkitema Metro Platform Havneholmen web
Arkitema Metro Mozarts Plads web

As is the case with the existing metro, the stations will be designed as one coherent work of art repeating a 5.5-metre module on floors, walls and ceilings. A module derived from the exact distance between the doors of the Copenhagen metro trains. For the Sydhavn Metro, we have developed a new type of skylight which leads daylight down onto the platforms, acts as smoke evacuation system, and offers users possibilities for making active and engaging stops on the new front areas.

Along the entire alignment, the stations influence their local communities, fostering new possibilities. One example is Mozarts Plads, where we worked closely with Metroselskabet, the City of Copenhagen and local citizens’ associations to develop the urban space, which involves including parts of an existing road to create a new, larger attractive square to the benefit of the local community.

Arkitema Metro web
The Sydhavn Metro will be the first Danish metro line to feature integrated artworks on all five stations.

These works of art will help passengers distinguish between the different stations. The works of art will be carried out by selected Danish contemporary artists in cooperation with the Danish Arts Foundation. The Sydhavn Metro is designed in very close cooperation with Metroselskabet, and we are part of a project office where architects, landscape architects, engineers and the client work side by side.

Arkitema Sydhavnsmetro Skylight toolbox 02 01
Arkitema Sydhanvsmetro Skylight toolbox 01
Arkitema Sydhavn Situationsplan

Arkitema's services in use: Concept design and tender design; station design; stations surface area design; urban space analysis; passenger flows; wayfinding; architectural finishes; day- and artificial lighting concept; design lead and discipline lead of Architecture and Landscape, including coordination with the client, other disciplines, municipality, artists and stockholders.

Arkitema Metro concourse Sluseholmen web