Copenhagen South

New transfer hub for Copenhagen

To safeguard future public transport to, from and within Copenhagen, it was decided to transform Ny Ellebjerg Station in southwest Copenhagen to a dynamic and attractive transfer hub dubbed Copenhagen South. The project includes an ambitious, future-proof holistic solution that brings together districts and access routes, across the many traffic lines of the station.
  • Metroselskabet I/S
  • COWI
  • Location
    Ny Ellebjerg Station
  • Year
    2018 - 2024
  • Size
    10,000 m²
  • Architect

Copenhagen South will feature a large, open transfer level below ground that will provide one entry point to future international, regional and local railway and metro lines as well as buses, cars and possibly light rail, while offering travellers easy access from the surroundings districts. Travellers will be able to transfer with dry shoes, shielded from the weather, in safe and well-lit surroundings boasting plenty of views to the sky and with no infinite tunnel passages.

Ny Elleberjg Transfer Hub view04 Tunnel CRSH7 Arkitema web

The busy, lowered square – Concourse Hall – is reminiscent of the New York Grand Central Station. It will see bustling crowds, commuters, children and teenagers heading to school, passengers with stroller cases taking the train to the airport, and backpackers strolling to the train, off to new adventure. People meeting up, couples kissing goodbye. In the coffee bar, travellers will buy steaming coffee and a croissant to enjoy on their journey. All this activity, which will take place 24/7/365, will be framed by an effective, coherent and high-quality station design that secures all aspects of a good passenger experience and an effective traffic flow.

Ny Elleberjg Transfer Hub CRSH6 Arkitema

On top of the station, an attractive part of the city will be developed, including homes, trade and business, which will create a multi-modal hub. The project is extremely complex since it aims to gather several different modes of transport and provide smooth shifts from one means of transport to another.

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In a convincing manner, Copenhagen South will demonstrate its worth as the preferred traveller transfer station by offering safe, efficient shifts, regardless of weather, time and destination. The project is developed in close collaboration with Metroselskabet. Right from the beginning, the objective has been to develop a functional, appealing and identity-forming Concourse Hall for Copenhagen South, to the benefit of passengers and Copenhageners alike.

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