New Kastrup Airport Station

Expansion of Copenhagen Airport Station with “New Kastrup Airport Station”

Together with the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link, the Øresund Line plays a crucial part in realising the shared European vision of a coherent traffic network that connects north, south, east and west. Ny Kastrup Airport Station has an important role in this ambition, to the delight and benefit of passengers, freight customers and the environment as the railway becomes an attractive alternative to the car or lorry.
  • Sund og Bælt
  • COWI
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    Københavns Lufthavn, Kastrup
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  • Platforms and bridge
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As part of a major expansion of the Øresund Line to ensure sufficient capacity for future passenger and freight transport when the upcoming Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link is opened, the existing station at Copenhagen Airport will be expanded with a completely new station. In the future, the new station will provide easy access for people who travel by either train, plane or metro both from Denmark and to/from Sweden.

Arkitema Karstrup Lufthavn Station V01 web
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Passenger experience and wayfinding have been in focus from the very beginning of the project to ensure a simple passenger flow and safety for commuters.
Arkitema Karstrup Lufthavn Station V03 web

To create a coherent and harmonious architecture, the design of the new platforms is based on DSB’s guidelines, while the new footbridge is inspired by the design of the existing metro bridge with its characteristic frame construction and concrete bridge piers.

As part of the client consultancy for Sund og Bælt, Arkitema and COWI have prepared project proposals for the new station and footbridge. The concept for the airport’s new transfer connections has been developed in close dialogue with CPH Airport.

Arkitema Karstrup Lufthavn Station V10 web

The expansion of the Øresund Line with the two new platforms and the footbridge is expected to be ready for use by train operators and passengers by the end of 2025.

Arkitema Karstrup Lufthavn Station V08 web