Nordbro - roof garden

A socially sustainable student housing complex

Nordbro, which is located in the Copenhagen district of Nørrebro, has approximately 500 residential units for students and guest researchers, as well as shared facilities, a grocery store, small commercial leases and a cafe.
  • Danica Pension
  • Location
    Borgmestervangen, Copenhagen
  • Year
    2018 - 2019
  • Size
    4.000 m²
  • Architect
  • Landscape
Nordbro landskab 1 200 web
Arkitema Nordbro Photo37 Photograp Lars Just

The build consists of six point houses and a high-rise block, which offers the best possible openness and sunlight for its surroundings. The whole build is connected on the base at the ground floor, which consists of the entrance to the residential units, a car park and shop leases. The base is designed as one large, shared courtyard for the residents.

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From the first floor, all houses have access to a large, shared courtyard. The courtyard extends in between the buildings and offers private and intimate spaces as well as more open and larger spaces for socialising and relaxation. The courtyard functions as a green oasis for its residents, a study garden where large and minor communities thrive and hence become an important element of the build to support a socially sustainable living environment for students.

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Raised garden beds with grasses and wild flowers decorate the garden. They look beautiful and are low-maintenance, while ensuring a richly varied planting, biodiversity as well as sensory experiences and variation throughout the year.

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