Climate protection without barriers in Malmö

In the northernmost part of Västra Hamnen, a new district is planned near the new Öresund Metro. However, the location near the Öresund makes the area vulnerable to strong winds and ongoing climate change.
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Malmö city has requested proposals for urban development in the area that simultaneously address the need for climate protection for the central parts of Malmö. Additionally, Malmö city wants to increase the proportion of green spaces. COWI and Arkitema have previously worked together to protect several cities in Denmark from storm surges and rising sea levels.

A new station is planned in the area for the upcoming Öresund Metro. The new district will have a stop from Copenhagen, surrounded by the sea, and is also intended to be a climate-positive district.

Arkitema and COWI's proposal involves gradually transforming the regular city into a green district, where the coastal protection is part of the district and not a barrier. This allows people to get close to the Öresund despite the need to raise the ground level to 4.5 meters above sea level. The solution is a new type of nature that absorbs water and creates higher biodiversity. This is the first time this climate protection with a soft transition between land and water has been proposed in Sweden.

The proposal will serve as a basis for Malmö's continued work with the districts that will be created by the Öresund Metro.

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