At Arkitema we design local homes for ordinary people with an emphasis on social, economic and environmental sustainability. We listen to our customers and users and create homes that reflect their surroundings and the way they are to be used. By adapting our design to the local environment we create developments that blend into their surroundings and add value to the whole area.

We know that residential developments have to be designed to meet both present-day and future needs while minimising their climate footprint. That is why we have sustainability specialists in all our teams who help to ensure that rules and requirements are complied with and that any opportunity to promote sustainability in our projects is brought to the fore. Of course, we also offer life cycle assements and have the ability to certify all of our projects through several recognised climate certification schemes.

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How we design homes for the cities of the future

Arkitema has grown out of a collective mindset which treats everyone as equals in the process of creating homes for all. We focus on good ideas and the right materials, to provide good places to live, now and in the future. In our design studios we have different specialists, to ensure that we cover all aspects of a project and arrive at the solutions that are best suited to any given project.

We work with an established method and tried-and-tested procedures rather than a particular style. We apply a high level of professionalism in our work and our team-based structure produces aesthetically pleasing, buildable and usable results.

Basing our work on proven procedures with room for creativity ensures that we do not run projects that are all alike, but rather produce results to match the location, the customer and the users.

Our teams design all types of homes, from single-family houses in new suburbs and apartments in transformed residential areas to social housing for all. With extensive experience in all areas of housing design, we can assist developers from the initial idea to the day the residents move in. We have drawn up a number of masterplans and local development plans in close cooperation with municipalities and public-sector bodies, so we can help the process on its way.

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Co-creation ensures better results

We know that building homes is ultimately about the people who are to live in them and interact with them. That is why we see great benefit in involving the users and customers in our design process. We actively seek input and listen to their needs, wishes and preferences. By involving more people in the process, we can ensure that our designs are consistent with the project goals.

At Arkitema we believe that user involvement does not just lead to functional spaces but also to flourishing communities where people feel attached and inspired and which they are proud to call home. User involvement can help to promote a sense of belonging and create spaces that meet the expectations of future residents.

At Arkitema we have extensive experience with many types of residential projects for private and rental, including: