PFA Student Housing

Rethinking student housing

How do you design student housing that inherently includes its residents in social networks? Our work with the development of a new student housing concept for pension company PFA Pension focused on social sustainability.
  • PFA Ejendomme
  • Location
    Toldbodgade 37-39, Odense
  • Year
  • Size
    12.278 m²
  • Certification
    DGNB Gold
  • Architect
  • Landscape

On how architectural design can promote socialising and the creation of relations as studies show that academic performance and chances of finishing studies improve if you function well socially.

One of the strategies was to rethink conventional student housing where students meet in shared kitchens. In PFA's student housing facilities in Odense, such shared kitchens are supported by further measures as we designed the facility in the shape of the figure eight, which ensures that multiple functions blend into each other and that there are no desolate areas. The student facility consists of two blocks, which meet around the centre of the facility, where the shared functions are located and where students must thus pass through.

Arkitema PFA Kollegiet Odense 01 Photo Michael Ellehammer web

We have worked with several degrees of communities: As an example, you can share a kitchen, a living space and local stairways with your group of houses. In addition, there are additional common areas where you can meet for studying or leisure activities. At the same time, students have easy access to outdoor spaces as the exterior staircase space includes shared balconies.

Arkitema PFA Kollegiet M01 Photo Lars Just web
PFA-kollegiet giver mig lidt fra begge verdener. Jeg har naturen og byen tæt på, og så indeholder kollegiet fede faciliteter for en hver smag.

Mathias Duhn Larsen, beboer på PFA-kollegiet i Odense

Arkitema PFA Kollegiet Odense 05 Photo Michael Ellehammer web

The student facility is located next to a large public green wedge and here, from the shared functions of the student housing facility, you have visual contact with life outside, and passers-by can experience life in the building where the transparent lower floor shows the lively environment of the building.

The facility is certified according to DGNB and incorporates sustainable and robust long-life materials, minimum environmental impact and a positive impact on the indoor climate.

Arkitema PFA Kollegiet Odense 09 Photo Michael Ellehammer web
Arkitema PFA Kollegiet Odense 04 Photo Michael Ellehammer web
Arkitema PFA Kollegiet Odense 06 Photo Michael Ellehammer web