Student Housing in Nørrebro, Copenhagen

An important student city, Copenhagen is experiencing a shortage of student housing and the pressure will increase when more students come to the city in the future. Therefore, many student flats are being built in the capital, and in the district of Nørrebro, the goal is to have the influx of students contribute to creating diversity and life in the district.
  • Danica Pension
  • Gehl Architects
    Architect partner
  • Katinka Hauxner Aps
    Architect partner
  • KPC
    Turnkey Contractor
  • HS Hansen
    Facade engineer
  • Location
    Borgmestervangen, Copenhagen
  • Year
  • Size
    29,585 m² + 6,000 m² parking
  • Awards
    Shortlisted Completed Housing - World Architecture Festival, Façade Engineering Award 2021 Award of Excellence CTBUH Awards, Danish Aluminium Building Award 2020
  • Architect
  • Landscape
Arkitema Nordbro 31 Foto Jens Lindhe

With room for 700 students, the student flat block Nordbro accommodates this need via its flats and grocery store, small commercial tenancies and a café. At the same time, Nordbro is strategically placed in terms of infrastructure since public transport in the form of the S-train station and the metro connects the flats with the rest of the city. Nordbro is designed as six tower blocks and a residential tower, which, due to its 100 metres, stands out like a new landmark for the district. The building complex is in a brownish colour inspired by the surrounding city.

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A landmark with a dynamic and vibrant facade designed to reduce strong winds in and around the complex as its angles and variations take the force out of the winds.
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NORDBRO plan 1000 black
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Nordbro is designed with great variation in flat sizes to gives residents the opportunity to move in step with changing needs. Moreover, conscious work with degrees of communities is reflected in Nordbro. On each floor, a communal kitchen and a common room provide the basis for minor communities among the residents. In addition, in each tower block, all of which have their own roof terrace at the top of the building, a community of residents using the same stairway is created. The whole building is based on the common base on the ground floor where we placed the shared facilities so that they are visible from the outside street space, but also provide security for the residents.

Social interaction is supported by an additional range of shared facilities, which are strategically located in the building complex depending on where the residents spend most time. There are a reading room, a project room, a laundry, a fitness room, and an event and assembly room with a lounge area for speeches and meetings. At the very top of the tower, there is a public platform offering a panoramic view of Copenhagen for residents as well as the rest of the city.

Arkitema Nordbro Photo39 Photograp Lars Just

The project was developed in close dialogue with the City of Copenhagen and urban space specialists and wind experts. In addition, we held a number of workshops with students, who provided input to the best student flat.

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