Pleasant and efficient facilities are essential when there is a need in the community for out-patient treatment, prevention, psychiatric and rehabilitation services or new forms of housing within healthcare.

Our main focus is on creating healthcare facilities for current and future generations, to provide for optimum care, adaptability to new treatments and needs, and efficient workflows for the clinical and operations staff.

Among other things, we focus on creating a healing environment with an improved indoor climate based on good acoustics, air quality and natural light and contact with nature, where the effects of integrated art works and sensory stimuli are crucial to people’s physical and mental well-being and to effective treatment. Read more about our approach to healing architecture at Gødstrup Regional Hospital here.

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New and old in the short and long term

We promote sustainable initiatives in healthcare projects through well-planned and flexible design which supports a healing and comfortable atmosphere. This covers all aspects of social sustainability, placing people at the centre and creating projects that are robust and adaptable in the short and long term.

This focus on sustainability enables us to create projects that can be adapted to future needs and requirements while also producing the smallest possible carbon footprint from both construction and operation.

The new Aker Hospital in Oslo is an example where we transformed existing buildings to create a coherent flow with new and up-to-date treatment facilities.

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We develop complex healthcare projects in all phases and in strong partnerships

In order to manage the costs and progress of these complex and expensive projects while basing the architecture around people, we organise and facilitate design and user processes from an early stage, define clear project boundaries and involve the right partners and other actors at the right time.

We cannot be the best at everything, but together we can add value for our customers, users and society. That is why we collaborate with relevant partners where it adds value to the project, to ensure that we always have the right people and skills in our team.

Depending on the needs, we include healthcare specialists from across our Scandinavian offices. Our healthcare teams endeavour to create projects that challenge traditional approaches to healthcare and combine classical conceptual and project design skills with expertise in areas such as planning, programming, user involvement, concept development, master and design manuals, wayfinding and spatial planning.

We also cover quality assurance, procurement, technical supervision, follow-up and as-built documentation as well as project, design, construction, ICT and BIM management through our digital tools.

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Get up-to-date advice on healthcare

Our experienced team will ensure that we take account of the latest requirements, technologies and demographic developments in our consulting and architectural approach. We understand the importance of creating up-to-date and futureproof healthcare facilities where the architecture and visual expression are driven by functionality, sustainability, evidence and data.

We challenge traditional standards within healthcare design by integrating innovative solutions and creating visionary projects to meet both present and future needs.

By combining our expertise with knowledge of present and future requirements and needs within healthcare, we are able to provide tailor-made advice which helps us to create new and innovative solutions and greener projects in the healthcare sector. We created ‘Dronning Ingrids Hage’, which is a new type of housing for people with dementia in Oslo.

Our aim is to ensure that healthcare projects are not only functional and effective but also provide a healing and stimulating environment. For example, wide corridors and integrated acoustic solutions have led to fewer alarm calls, a calmer environment and greater safety for patients and staff at Skejby Psychiatric Centre in Aarhus.

Are you looking for advice on how to develop your future healthcare project? We are ready to assemble a bespoke team of designers, architects and engineers contact us here.

Our projects within healthcare architecture vary widely in scope and scale:

Mary Elizabeths Hospital