Holstebro Healthcare Centre

Regional healthcare centre

As the functions of Holstebro Hospital were transferred to the new super hospital in the Danish town of Gødstrup, Holstebro Healthcare Centre was established, in the centre of Holstebro and with the existing sporting arena as the closest neighbour, as a local, health-promoting service to citizens.
  • Holstebro Kommune
  • Region Midtjylland
  • Location
    Stationsvej 35, Holstebro
  • Year
  • Size
    11,700 m²
  • Awards
    Danish Healthcare Building of the Year 2018
  • Awards
    Won total consultant tender
  • Architect
  • Landscape

The building is designed like a figure with four sections, which energetically points towards the city, and stands out as a different building offering a wide range of healthcare services and public, private, emergency and outpatient healthcare services and psychiatric care services. A place that ensures a safe and local environment where it is possible to go for check-ups, rehabilitation and initial tests without having to go to the hospital.

Arkitema Sundhedshus Holstebro 01 Photo Niels Nygaard web

You arrive in the central reception hall, which is bright as well as welcoming with a large skylight and balconies and walkways, which contribute to establishing a dynamic and open environment. From this central room, the many different healthcare services in the building distribute themselves in separated units. With the new healthcare centre, Holstebro now has a local and modern healthcare services centre, which promotes synergies and health through its architecture. Here, doctors, nurses and therapists work side by side so that interdisciplinarity is in focus. In addition, the building is designed for flexibility, so it functions as reception for health-related visits and is used for large sports and cultural events in the arena, with which the health centre is integrated and shares the café area.

Arkitema Sundhedshus Holstebro 05 Photo Niels Nygaard web
The central reception hall, which is bright as well as welcoming with a large skylight and balconies and walkways
Arkitema Sundhedshus Holstebro 07 Photo Niels Nygaard web

The healthcare centre offers a wide range of attractive common areas in bright and warm wooden materials. The good acoustics and the changing events contribute to creating an environment that plays down the atmosphere of institution and instead creates an identifiable and homelike feel.

Holstebro Healthcare Centre was awarded the title of healthcare build of the year in 2018.

Arkitema Sundhedshus Holstebro 03 Photo Niels Nygaard web
Arkitema Sundhedshus Holstebro 02 Photo Niels Nygaard web

From our collaborators

  • Beautiful, flexible setting for a wide range of healthcare services. The building successfully houses separate units with a unifying centre that public and private as well as emergency and everyday healthcare services and psychiatric facilities can see themselves occupy. A very beautiful solution that treats all functions equally.
    — NohrCon Jury