Psychiatric Hospital in Vejle

An open and transparent psychiatric hospital

A modern and future-oriented psychiatric hospital near Vejle hospital, but still with its independence. That was the assignment when the Region of Southern Denmark tendered the contract for a psychiatric hospital in Vejle as a PPP project.
  • Region Syddanmark
  • MT Højgaard
    Turnkey Contractor
  • MOE og MT Højgaard
  • Signe Guttormsen
    Integrated art
  • Location
  • Year
    2014 - 2017
  • Size
    17.000 m²
  • Awards
    European Healthcare Design Award 2018, Mental Health category
  • Architect
  • Landscape
Arkitema Vejle psykiatri Photo Niels Nygaard 34 web

The building consists of eight cluster houses that elegantly form a circular flow where the cluster houses and the functional and administrative building, like a closed ring, bring all functions together and ensure an open as well as well-arranged psychiatric hospital. Here, patients experience a clearly defined and protected atmosphere that helps them regain their place in life, as they increase their strength and gradually use the common areas more and more. Selected walls and functions are clad with wooden slats to ensure good acoustics and promote a good atmosphere. An environment that is far from that of an institution and close to homeliness.

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Arkitema Vejle psykiatri Photo Niels Nygaard 10 web

The psychiatric hospital has 91 single-bed rooms distributed over six units, a psychiatric emergency department and a psychiatric outpatient clinic for children and young people and is characterised by a green environment as the landscape is drawn right in between the buildings and the courtyards. In addition to the green environment, there is easy access to the different activities, such as gym facilities and a sports centre with plenty of natural daylight. The many glass panels, which ensure inflow of light, also contribute to creating visibility from indoor and outdoor spaces for everyone, which, among other things, has a positive impact on conflicts and conflict management.

Arkitema Vejle psykiatri Photo Niels Nygaard 52 web
An environment that is far from that of an institution and close to feeling of home
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In 2018, the psychiatric hospital was awarded the recognised European Healthcare Design Awards, which is awarded to healthcare buildings that stand out for their healing architecture

The project was developed in the PPP team in close dialogue with the client, who pointed out the types of spatialities and divisions that counteract potential stress incidents and conflict incidents. Moreover, the viewpoints of patients were included.

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From our collaborators

  • It's a great place to work and actually a safe place to work. I think it is really great that I get to take patients to some of the sport activities that are scientifically proven to have beneficial effect on the course of the mental health condition. I've been given more possibilities for my personal development and for what I can do with my patients. And I feel like that makes everything I do just a bit better.
    — Rene Sørensen, Physical therapist, Vejle Psychiatry