The world is digital and not the same tomorrow as it is today. How do we as an architectural firm approach digitalisation in the construction industry?

Digitalisation of processes and digital design is a key enabler to meet ongoing and future changes. By exploring and applying the many tools and instruments of digitalisation, we can contribute to healthier and more sustainable communities for current and future generations.

At Arkitema, digitalisation is an integral part of our strategy and work processes. We call it human digital. The human aspect of digital development. Our colleagues and specialists work every day on innovation and digitalisation to develop and explore digital design.

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The purpose of our digital tools is to strengthen our architectural quality in a more sustainable perspective and to ensure digital quality assurance for the benefit of our clients, users and society.

Professional skills and innovative technology shape the city of the future

We have an independent development organisation within digitalisation, with a total of 10 specialists working across our offices in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. In our design studios, our specialists act as strong digital entities, supporting our colleagues' and clients' knowledge of digital opportunities and addressing construction challenges.

Our independent development organisation for digitalisation pursues three tracks for the development and implementation of digital construction and new digital tools on specific projects.

  • Digital design
  • Data-driven approach
  • Green transition

Digital Design and digital tools are the key to a more sustainable future

We work in a structured way with digital construction, in real time, enabling us to perform analyses, simulations and calculations and ensure that our clients and colleagues receive the right data to make the most sustainable choices in their projects. Digital modelling and digital tools are therefore at the heart of our projects: from the early design phase to the final construction and operation.

We communicate ideas and architectural solutions to our clients via 3D models, drawings, physical models and descriptions, which, in interaction with our digital design, create the opportunity to invite clients and users fully into the digital building. Just as continuously challenging and redefining how we develop our digital design can bring more transparency and openness to the whole design process.

Data-driven approach from an early stage

Available data is becoming more and more complex. This applies to both external data and the data we produce ourselves on our projects. With these opportunities, we need to be focused and selective. We cannot do everything at the same time, but it allows us to create architecture based on informed decisions.

We believe that decisions made in the early stages have the greatest impact on a project.

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The right information based on data must be available at the right stage of the project.

This ensures that new contexts and synergies emerge while our colleagues remain in control of the underlying data which is crucial to the architectural design.

We contribute to the green transition with good and timely decisions

Digitalisation of processes and digital construction are an essential part of our building blocks to contribute to the climate solutions of the future. New technologies are changing the way we work, both in the early stages and throughout the design phase. Therefore, our colleagues need to be able to adapt working methods and processes in order to successfully implement projects.

Digital simulations and analyses allow us to test and execute our architectural considerations in a digital building. On an ongoing basis, we can provide fast and efficient results of sustainability analyses, Life Cycle Assessment, so that it becomes a contributing solution that may influence the architectural design of the project.

Find out how you can benefit from our digital expertise

With our digital maturity and curiosity to use digital technologies, we create projects that benefit current and future generations.

Together with COWI and in collaboration with our clients and partners, we are developing and challenging the digital opportunity space to fulfil the stricter climate requirements of the future while achieving a holistic approach to our architectural designs.

Our cross-disciplinary skills interact with our digital expertise as a fundamental prerequisite for creating the architecture of the future, in close dialogue with clients, partners and users.

If you are interested in knowing how our digital tools and our digital expertise can add value to your organisation and your upcoming projects, you can contact us here.