Technical data translated into visual graphics

Everyday, we deal with hundreds of thousands of different types of rooms, spaces and functions in connection with advanced construction projects. Lists of Excel sheets are converted to embodied, sustainable architecture.

With the development of the digital tool Spaceplanner (which works as a plug-in to Revit) Arkitema, in cooperation with COWI, has made it possible to convert and translate technical data into parametric, visual graphics, which architects can easily move around and develop new concepts in 3D.

Now with parameters such as the smell of wild flowers, we can work out whether that smell can reach the canteen when users open the windows on a warm spring day. In this way, we can add relevant, project-specific parameters into the design of location-based and unique architecture. In the future, architects’ creativity will be measured on their ability to set such parameters.

Arkitema Digitalization AHS 3 D web
Arkitema Akuttsjukehus Hjelset 01 web

With Spaceplanner:

  • Developers get control over the project’s square metres from the outset (Area Management)
  • The project can be easily optimised and changed, so that developers have a solid basis for their calculations and the possibility to set out realistic budgets (Optimisation/Pricing)
  • You achieve quality assurance (Space Programming)
  • The often complicated user processes are simplified. Users can now easily and in real time oversee, change and move the model around and see what consequences this will have (User Involvement)
  • Architects’ time will be freed up for developing the design (Automation).
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Arkitema initially invested in Spaceplanner to support the design of the super hospital New Aker Hospital in Oslo. However, the tool has since been expanded for a range of complex projects right from designing university and hospital projects to competition projects in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Spaceplanner has been developed across the Arkitema/COWI organisation. If you want to hear more about Spaceplanner, contact Ermin Krupic, Digital Lead and architect MAA.