Vestas Technology R&D Center

R&D Center for 500 employees, fase I+II

In the northern part of Aarhus, people traveling on the main approach road, Randersvej, encounter the characteristic building which hosts Vestas's R&D department. When the area was developed in the 2000s, the wind turbine manufacturer decided to build its R&D department at a characteristic location next to its head office.
  • Vestas Wind Systems A/S
  • Cowi A/S
  • Location
    Hedeager 42, Skejby, Århus
  • Year
  • Size
    18.300 m² + 8000 m²
  • Architect
  • Landscape
Arkitema Aarhus Vestas 20121012 TH 0100 web

With its sharp-cut profile, Vestas Technology R&D Centre points towards its surroundings and thus constitutes a distinct landmark. The tone is set immediately when you see the building, which displays and frames a gigantic wind turbine element with its transparent façade. This is a mainstay of wind energy, the place for new solutions and new knowledge of wind energy innovation to develop.

Arkitema Aarhus Vestas 20121012 TH 0112 web

The centre is located on the highest point of the plot, partly to ensure good visual contact to the surroundings and partly to display itself towards Randersvej. A large glass section recessed in the façade marks the main entrance, which connects to the building's three-storey high atrium, which is a unifying room for the whole building. At the top floor in the atrium's landscape of stairs, a V90 wind turbine nacelle was redesigned into a 3D cave.

In addition, the building accommodates a large auditorium and associated facilities. All offices are designed as flexible units, which supports the idea of project work and knowledge sharing across the company.

The R&D centre brings the company's research and development facilities under one roof and has office facilities for 500 employees, a showroom, large and minor laboratories as well as test facilities.

The project was developed in close dialogue with Vestas, and Arkitema initially conducted a user survey in cooperation with a business psychologist. A client brief and a draft design based on a user process with selected employees were subsequently developed.

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