Modern factory and office facilities all in one

In the middle of the hilly landscape of the Danish island of Als, in South Jutland, manufacturing company Linak has its head office and production facility. In continuation of Arkitema's design of a new circular main building for Linak, the company came back in 2014 with a request for a combined office and factory building and it was thus natural to develop a design that matched the building from 2002.
  • Linak
  • Sloth Møller A/S
  • Hoffmann A/S
  • Location
    Smedevænget 8, Guderup, Als
  • Year
    2015 - 2017
  • Size
    14.000 m²
  • Architect

Together, the two buildings stand out in the landscape like an industrial sculpture park creating a visual experience for passers-by. Because of its circular design, the building differs from conventional industrial and commercial buildings, while staying in tune with an organisation that desires architecture reflecting its circular organisational chart with the production manager placed at the centre of the organisation.

Arkitema Linak II Photo Niels Nygaard 13 web
Arkitema Linak II Photo Niels Nygaard 12 web

To emphasise the sculptural qualities of the building, the lower storey has a transparent glass façade, which makes the building appear to float above the ground and constitutes a stylish contrast to the dark bricks on the facade of the first floor. At the top, the building opens into a roof garden, which ensures easy access to green spaces.

Arkitema Linak II Photo Niels Nygaard 15 web
The ground floor hosts the production and production offices.

The main entrance is located towards the south, assuming a unifying central location in relation to the whole factory area. At the same time, new access routes to the area were established with heavy traffic being routed behind the two circular buildings, which improves the infrastructure to and from the area.

Linak II accommodates a 14,000 m² two-storey administration and production building and a basement with changing facilities. The ground floor hosts the production and production offices in a double-height room where the canteen is on an intermediate floor with a view over the production, while the other two floors accommodate offices, meeting rooms and a conference room.

Arkitema Linak II Photo Niels Nygaard 14 web

In close dialogue with the client, we created the settings for both a modern and flexible office environment which enables a number of different office types that are logically distributed in the building and which are attractive workplaces with an eminent view of the landscape.

Arkitema Linak II Photo Niels Nygaard web