A resource-conscious and people-oriented development of cities and buildings is vital to achieving a sustainable future. At Arkitema, we want to contribute actively to developing the construction industry in a more responsible direction, which is why resource efficiency, circular economy and long-life architecture are natural pivotal points in all our projects.

Our method

Context dictates which sustainability strategy we employ on our projects. To that end, at Arkitema, we have developed a dialogue tool to support our holistic approach to sustainable architecture. We have defined four technical parameters that must be prioritised in all projects: sustainability, usability, buildability, and aesthetics. The design of the tool also encourages dialogue with the client and project participants regarding project focus areas and potentials.

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Sustainability consultancy on projects

We offer specialist consultancy in sustainability on building projects, based on the project context and the customer’s needs. Collaborating with research and educational institutions on R&D projects and training, we can assist you in:

  • Development of sustainability strategy and implementation through sustainability management
  • Sustainability certifications (DGNB, LEED, BREEAM, the Nordic swan ecolabel, Active House and Miljöbyggnad)
  • Design strategies in early phases as regards energy, indoor climate, daylight and lifecycle analyses (LCA)
  • Sustainable materials – environmental risks, human health and LCA related to construction products
  • Energy optimisation on conversion and refurbishment projects
  • Total life-cycle cost analyses
  • Simulation of daylight, glares, contrasts and solar screening as well as indoor climate – summer and winter seasons.
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Wood construction has the potential to create socially, environmentally and economically revolutionary structures

Arkitema Timber

Timber has the potential to create socially, environmentally, and economically revolutionary structures. We have set up a specialist unit that works exclusively on developing timber construction. We call it Arkitema Timber. By working with timber, we actively contribute to a sustainable transition in the construction industry.

The team is dedicated to reducing the negative environmental impacts of buildings and ensuring structured competency development and knowledge sharing among all Arkitema offices. Together with the industry organisation Swedish Wood, which plays a key role in developing timber construction, we have developed an extensive training programme for our architects and engineers. Since we carry out a lot of timber projects, we have built unique knowledge with leading timber construction actors that we can share with our cooperation partners.