Visitor Centre National Park Mols Bjerge

A new welcome to Mols Bjerge

In 2009, Mols Bjerge was established as a national park and so the work began to strengthen information about the nature and cultural values of the 180 km² large, hilly glacial-period landscape in the southern part of Djursland. It was therefore decided that near Kalø Castle Ruins a new visitor centre was to welcome new visitors to the national park and castle ruins.
  • Nationalpark Mols Bjerge
  • SlothMøller
  • Location
    Kalø Vig, Rønde
  • Year
    2016 -
  • Size
    750 m²
  • Architect
  • Landscape
Arkitema velkomstcenter mols bjerge cafeen web

Arkitema won the subsequent architectural competition with a project that, in many ways, distinguishes itself by being an impressive, yet discreet building. The project fits well into its surroundings and where, from the outside, you see a low, soft building rise, you do not discover its impressive scale until you are inside the two-storey high room, where, via a large stadium seating, you arrive down into the building, which with its large glass section opens up towards one of the attractions of the park, Kalø Cove, with the historic ruins in the horizon.

Arkitema Visitor Centre Mols exhibition web

At the same time, we incorporated the nearby hunting lodge of special architectural and historic interest, designed by Hack Kampman at the beginning of the twentieth century. A winding system of paths draws attention to the lodge, which becomes one more destination to visit in the area. The visitor centre is located along with the existing beach house, which functions as administration building.

Arkitema Visitor Centre Mols fromnorth web

The sloping terrain of the site results in a visitor centre that is divided into two levels. The top level, where the entrance area, cloakrooms and toilets are located, is always open to guests, who are welcomed in a building where timber and bricks are dominating materials. While, on the lower level, there are exhibition areas, a café and a restaurant with an impressive panoramic view towards Kalø Castle Ruins. In addition to conventional stairways and a lift, the two levels are connected via stadium seating. This provides an overview of the exhibition area and offers seating space for school classes and other guests. The stadium seating extends to the open where, outside, a beautiful and practical space is also created.