Educational and training institutions play a crucial role in a community by providing a basis for knowledge-sharing and both professional and personal development. But these institutions are not just places where present and future generations pick up skills and knowledge; they also act as catalysts for group activities and local involvement.

At Arkitema we provide up-to-date facilities for teaching and learning to benefit children, young people and the local community. Learning environments that act as a meeting place built on diversity, collaboration and exploration.

We also create more specialised workshops, laboratories and creative hubs, which are important knowledge centres based around research and development. These act as bridges between academic knowledge and practical application and are there to form stronger ties between academic and business life.

Within education and training, we develop projects including:

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At Arkitema we create study and learning environments built around the users

User involvement plays a key role when we design buildings for learning. We believe that the best results are achieved through effective collaboration between our customers and partners, and with the active involvement of the users and other stakeholders.

User involvement includes workshops, interviews and dialogue meetings where we foster an open and trusting atmosphere. We listen closely to their needs, wishes and visions and make use of these insights to design attractive and functional projects with a distinct character and identity.

Here you can read about Erlev school in Haderslev, which looks to the future with activity-based learning as its focal point. The design is made up of small universes of year-group clusters, each with their own age-appropriate furnishings and visual expression. Erlev school also embraces the local community and constitutes an attraction or a destination in itself on the way through Haderslev. This makes it an asset not only for the children and parents with a direct connection to the school but also for local residents. We always try to design the maximum value into our projects.

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Sustainable initiatives are incorporated from the outset

We incorporate sustainability as a key parameter, as our vision is to create and promote good learning environments for present and future generations. Whether the project is a new build, transformation, renovation or an update to existing facilities, we aim to focus on sustainable activities from start to finish.

Our sustainable initiatives include CO₂-saving materials, use of energy-saving technologies and more. Initiatives that help to create more healthy and welcoming settings for learning, which are in harmony with their surroundings and are made up of inspiring and functional spaces that promote learning, creativity, innovation, collaboration and well-being.

Here you can read about the changes to Aarhus University’s Campus Emdrup in Copenhagen, where we have taken a fresh approach to previously unconnected buildings and existing facilities have been updated to provide students and teachers with an inspiring and innovative learning environment.

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We have experience in full-service consultancy and design and building contracts

At Arkitema we have extensive specialised knowledge of learning environments, both as client consultants and in full-service consultancy and sub-consultant roles on design and build contracts.

Our expertise covers the whole of the project process, from scoping, outline proposal and concept development to design and planning, construction, sustainability and ICT management through digital tools.

In terms of full-service consultancy, we offer a holistic solution where we consider all aspects of a project, including architectural design, sustainability, technical solutions and fixtures and fittings. Our team of experienced architects and designers are dedicated to creating innovative and contemporary learning spaces which meet the practical requirements and needs and reflect the aesthetic vision.

We have experience working on buildings that are in use, and we understand the challenges that can arise when there are children close to the construction site, for example. That is why our approach is based on careful planning, safety and care. We take extra precautions to provide a safe and secure environment for the children and the local community during the construction process.

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