Office building focusing on sustainability and flexibility

In the heart of Copenhagen's new sustainable city district, Nordhavn, Orienthuset is a future oriented building with flexible office rentals. A building where sustainability is integrated in the broadest sense - process-wise, technically, socially, environmentally and in energy consumption.
  • AP Pension Ejendomme
  • 5E Byg
    Turnkey Contractor
  • Niras
  • Location
    Haifagade, 2150 Nordhavn, Copenhagen
  • Year
  • Size
    14.800 spm
  • Certification
    DNGB Platinum (pending)
  • Architect
  • Landscape
Orienthuset Photo Niels Nygaard 03

Orienthuset is a six-story building with active and outward-facing facilities on the ground floor, such as shops, restaurant/canteen, and meeting centre, while the upper floors contain flexible office rentals for larger or smaller companies providing around 750 office workplaces. This ensures a long-lasting building that is adaptable to the needs of present and future users.

Orienthuset Photo Niels Nygaard 06
Orienthuset Photo Niels Nygaard 07

The building is an ambitious project that stands as a modern and welcoming structure in an urban environment. The exterior features bricks in varying shades of white-yellow and light-coloured joints as the primary façade surface, while the structure and texture contrast the glazed sections with golden aluminium profiles.

The facade is designed with prefabricated façade elements in a three-meter-wide rhythm, marked with narrow brick bands both horizontally and vertically, giving a varying and lively effect. Besides the apparent aesthetic quality of the façade, the sloping reveals direct light to the high window sections, ensuring ample daylight conditions for the office workplaces. Each brick facade element is customised to standard brick dimensions, with the bevelled surfaces matched with cut stones, which means that each element has up to 96 different cuts of the individual brick, resulting in a unique appearance with a calming rhythm.

The building is a showcase of sustainable principles, proved by its upcoming DGNB Platinum certification (highest class).
Orienthuset Photo Niels Nygaard 11
Orienthuset Photo Niels Nygaard 09

On the roof solar panels have been mounted to provide the building with a high degree of green energy in order to keep the buildings environmental impact low during its lifespan. Towards the neighbouring canal to the Northwest, the facade is planted with self-adhesive plants that contribute to the intentions of the green urban space by the canal. Opposite the canal you’ll find another Arkitema project, Comwell Copenhagen.

Orienthuset is developed in co-creation with the client AP Pension, contractor 5E Byg and the engineers from NIRAS. Furthermore, the complex façade elements were developed and manufactured through a strong collaboration with producer CRH concrete.

Orienthuset Photo Niels Nygaard 01