Arkitema's Copenhagen Office

You immediately sense the original industrial historic life, which this area of the Carlsberg City District still nourishes. At this very characteristic double gate – the Dipylon gate – the brewer history lives on. The gate set the architectural tone back when visitors drove through the gate to the well-respected Carlsberg brewery.
  • Carlsberg Byen A/S
  • MT Højgaard
    Turnkey Contractor
  • EKJ Rådgivende Ingeniører
  • Location
    Ny Carlsberg Vej, Copenhagen
  • Year
    2016 - 2018
  • Size
    4,500 m²
  • Architect

The same tone and respect for the strong materials and the proud industrial history are carried over in Dipylon Hus: The modern office environment, which is now the Copenhagen office of Arkitema. Where giant malt silos for beer production once stood, now is an open-plan office with a high ceiling, raw concrete walls and exposed ventilation.

Arkitema Dipylonhus 01 Lars Just
Arkitema Dipylon 07 Photo Jens Lindhe web
The office is situated in an area with proud industrial history.
Arkitema Dipylon 18 Photo Jens Lindhe web
Arkitema Dipylon 19 Photo Jens Lindhe web

At the top are a new light-weight top floor structure and a large, attractive terrace facing east, while the ground floor opens up towards the city by integrating a restaurant between Ny Carlsberg Vej and the square at the northern side of the house.

Arkitema Dipylon 09 Photo Jens Lindhe web
Arkitema Dipylon 15 Photo Jens Lindhe web

The transformation of Dipylon Hus is characterised by respect for the building's history and its many qualities in terms of materials which, through the transformation, gained new life and new purpose as an industrial historic backdrop for a creative architectural firm.

Arkitema Dipylon 01 Photo Jens Lindhe web