Hotel Ottilia

Modern boutique hotel in a historical setting

Hotel Ottilia is full of brewery historic details and traces. Even the name of the design hotel points to Ottilia Jacobsen, wife of brewer and founder of the Carlsberg breweries, Carl Jacobsen. The task thus consisted of bringing history to life in a hotel joining two historic buildings from two entirely different centuries and also establishing attractive as well as modern settings for a quality-minded luxury hotel.
  • Carlsberg Byen P/S
  • Prof. Christoffer Harlang
    Collaborating architect
  • Wissenberg A/S
  • Location
    Bryggernes Plads 7, Copenhagen
  • Year
    2015 - 2019
  • Size
    8.800 m²
  • Architect
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Two of the most characteristic buildings in the Carlsberg City District, “Maltmagasinet", which was originally designed by Vilhelm Dahlerup in the 1880s, and the listed "Lagerkælder 3", designed by Svenn Eske Kristensen in the 1960s, today provide the settings for Hotel Ottilia after a far-reaching transformation. These characteristic historic buildings were meticulously transformed into a modern luxury hotel with respect for their special characteristics and history. In addition to the 155 spectacular hotel rooms, the hotel also accommodates a wellness area, conference rooms and, on the roof terrace of the hotel, a restaurant with a 360-degree view of Copenhagen.

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Like beaming suns, the former storage basement has attracted attention throughout time. Circular discs decorated with gold foil attest to a brewery characterised by wealth and aesthetic strength. We kept this unique, beaming façade, and along the 60 circular golden discs, we established vertical sections which – like elegant zippers – let in daylight. On the opposite façade, the hotel distinguishes itself with characteristic circular window sections mirroring the golden discs. At the very top, we added an extra timber penthouse floor with a copper roof, while the two lower floors of the project make up an exclusive wellness area where the old vaults and white Carrara marble make a swim in the total of eight different pools a very special experience.

Arkitema Hotel Ottilia 01 Photo Jens Lindhe web
Along the 60 circular golden discs, we established vertical sections which – like elegant zippers – let in daylight.

Inside too, a lot of energy was spent on finding the DNA of the buildings and maintaining the industrial expression in the hotel interior design. The original concrete structures and steel beams were kept and appear simple and raw in design. Old silos and building and machinery parts are also visible and contribute to the historic authentic style that underlines the story of a hotel with a very special character.

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