Home of Carlsberg

Listed brewery buildings transformed into visitor centre

In the historic buildings where the first Carlsberg beers were brewed, Arkitema has helped to restore and expand the visitor centre, ‘Home of Carlsberg’, to take people on a journey through the history of beer.
  • Carlsberg Breweries A/S
  • Event Communications (exhibition design), Anker & Co. (lighting design)
    Collaborating Architects
  • Jakon
  • COWI
  • Location
    Gamle Carlsberg Vej 11, 1799 Köpenhamn V.
  • Year
    2019 - 2023
  • Size
    8 500 m2
  • Architect
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Home of Carlsberg gives visitors a unique understanding of the brewery's heritage through an interactive exhibition in authentic surroundings. The transformation of the old industrial buildings into a contemporary and modern experience for visitors includes the restoration, conversion and renewal of 10 existing buildings to turn them from production facilities into a visitor centre.

The aim has been to revitalise the historic setting with deep respect for the origin of the buildings. The characteristic panelling around the brewing machinery, the solid floors and steel stairs have been preserved and integrated into the design of new spaces and transitions. The surfaces of the buildings have also been purged of later additions and decor, leaving them with the original colour scheme and wear and tear from the brewing activities. The buildings then provide a firm and restful foundation for the interactive exhibition.

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To meet the desire for a large number of visitors and an advanced interactive exhibition, it was necessary to incorporate a number of technical facilities. The equipment has been placed in side rooms, extensively remodelled for the purpose, and the ventilation is hidden from the visitors. On the other hand, pipes and wiring are left exposed across the outside of walls and ceilings, as they always were in these buildings.

The transformation of a large low-ceilinged room which was previously used for production of the classic red beer crates into a restaurant helps to opening the listed factory out to the surrounding Carlsberg Byen district. A new panelled ceiling has significantly improved the acoustics in the room, supporting the restaurant's ambition to offer a unique dining experience in surroundings that underline the history and quality of the building.

In the process of transforming the listed buildings from industrial to cultural use, Arkitema and COWI have been in close contact with conservation, planning and building authorities, the client and the building contractor, so we could work as a team to preserve the architectural heritage with new content for the future.

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