Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge over Trekroner Allé in Roskilde

A bridge concept that creates security for the users of the city.
A new pedestrian and bicycle bridge over Trekroner Allé in Roskilde will connect the nearby campus area with the rest of the Trekroner district, to the benefit of many including the university’s students and employees, as well as local residents and road users who cross this hub on a daily basis.
  • Roskilde Municipality
  • MTH
  • COWI
  • Location
    Trekroner Allé, Roskilde
  • Year
    2021 - 2022
  • Size
    length: 34.5 m, span: 30 m, width 4 m
  • Architect

With its simple and floating design, the new pedestrian and bicycle bridge in Trekroner really stands out. The project plays an important role in the local community, as the bridge aims to connect Roskilde University’s campus area with the rest of Trekroner.

The bridge will stage the urban space and provide a captivating and unique experience for the area's residents, potentially becoming another architectural landmark in Trekroner. The construction is made of Corten steel without further surface treatment, giving it a lifespan that extends far into the future.

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Lighting plays an important part in the expression and experience of the bridge. Both during the day and at night, light is filtered through the bridge’s expanded metal, creating vibrant and varying displays of light which will transform the bridge into a rhythmic and luminous sequence at dusk. The bridge’s appearance as a luminous universe of light will welcome users to Trekroner and create security for those passing through during the hours of darkness.

The bridge concept is being developed in close partnership with COWI, Roskilde Municipality and MTH. The new pedestrian and bicycle bridge is expected to be completed in the spring of 2022.

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