At Arkitema, we have a large and competent team of architects, structural engineers and landscape architects dedicated to working in the industrial segment. Here, we work closely with clients, partners and engineers to develop customised solutions for industry with a focus on safety, wellbeing and productivity.

Every industrial building has its own unique context and needs, and most need to be tailored to a very specific and precise purpose. So, it is important that project development should always proceed in very close collaboration with the client’s organisation, specific stakeholders and the project engineers. This will ensure that the building and surrounding outdoor areas support optimised production as far as humanly possible. In the initial phases, we therefore focus heavily on the project master plan and the flows of people and processes within the building.

We have experience from a wide range of completed projects in Denmark and abroad and know that production flows and outputs are vital. We also know that good administrative offices, canteens and other staff facilities need to be created to provide for efficiency and good working conditions for employees.

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Holistic solutions for industry

When we enter into a collaborative effort to establish an industrial project, we always start from the customer’s unique needs and define the success criteria for the specific project at an early stage. Our experienced team engages in a constructive and open dialogue on the requirements, and we work with the customer to create a plan for the best possible design and execution of the project.

We focus on creating attractive and usable architecture that caters for robust, flexible and long-lasting solutions while providing for good working conditions and operations. Experience also shows that many industrial buildings will need to be adapted or expanded over time, which is why we have built up great experience of modular design and phased development.

We design many buildings for industry and draw on Arkitema’s experience in office buildings, healthcare buildings and landscape architecture when needed. In this way, we always ensure that the architecture supports the success of the organisation

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We have experience from a wide range of completed projects in Denmark and abroad and know that production flows and outputs are vital

Sharp focus throughout the process

We apply functional, sustainable and aesthetic design from the initial idea and through all phases of an industrial building project. We have extensive experience of planning and design through all phases from preliminary concepts and sketches to tender specifications and project planning. Arkitema’s experienced construction managers and client consultants can also help maintain a high standard in the execution of a project, to ensure a successful outcome.

As we often work as principal consultants on our projects, we are used to engaging in dialogue with the authorities and obtaining permits, as well as handling supervision, project follow-up, etc. during the construction phase, and we often work seamlessly with engineers from COWI.

Needless to say, we address the latest current sustainability requirements in the construction industry, and we offer a range of additional services within sustainability and certification of projects. For example, we have developed a number of digital tools to support e.g. LCA from the earliest stages of our projects. A consistent digital approach to all Arkitema projects ensures that we always work with 3D shared models with other consultants involved in the project in areas like processing facilities and construction. And we can provide the client with early digital walkthroughs of upcoming projects, giving them an early understanding of the spatial and functional aspects of the future building.

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Areas that we work in within our industry segment include:

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