To meet future energy demands, we need new and sustainable production plants, whether they are battery factories or producers of green fuels. These facilities will often be large to maximise efficiency and productivity, but with a well thought-out design we can ensure that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

We make energy architecture both efficient and attractive

Our surroundings are not limited to homes, squares and offices. Our production facilities also affect our lives. The energy plant often has to be placed in a particular location in the interests of production or logistics. So it is important to design a facility in such a way that the people living around it see it as an enhancement to the environment in which it is placed.

There is no contradiction between heavy industry and attractive architecture.

Requirements relating to health and safety, security, logistics and production are an excellent basis for good architecture. And effective cooperation between the client/developer, contractor and architect will make the end-result even better.

A well thought-out design can turn an energy plant into a landmark, a destination, a brand or just a transparent face of the company. With innovative design, the architecture can ensure that the primary activity of the plant is visible to the world and speaks of its valuable contribution to our collective society.

Sustainable expertise for complex energy projects

Working closely with COWI, Arkitema can provide all the expertise that is required for complex energy projects, often under unusual conditions – at sea, on rocky islands or close to towns. This can take the form of complicated and sometimes conflicting requirements relating to the environment, logistics, security, productivity and health and safety, to name just a few.

Arkitema Megaton 01 Illustration COWI and Arkitema

Our architecture meets current needs while also allowing for alteration or expansion as the business grows or its purpose changes.

Part of the green transition

If we are to achieve our climate targets, it is important to provide energy facilities that help us with the green transition and are also sustainable in themselves. In these projects we naturally strive to reduce the footprint both for the climate and for the local environment, and we use our digital tools to create a transparent process.

We have extensive experience of user involvement and dialogue with the public in various types of project, and we use life cycle analyses in the early phases to arrive at the maximum reduction in the climate footprint.

It is Arkitema’s declared strategy to work only on projects that help our customers and clients towards a fossil-free future.