Headquarters for international company

Headquarters for an international company in Denmark, made in timber

An international company was planning new headquarters for its Danish activities and wanted a single consultant to handle both engineering and architectural consultancy. The building aimed to be sustainable in all parameters and boast a high degree of functionality, accommodating both offices and a range of service facilities.
  • International company
  • COWI
  • Location
  • Year
    2020 - 2023
  • Size
    13.900 m²
  • Awards
    Winner AR Future Projects Awards 2023 - Offices
  • Architect
  • Landscape
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The international company set out to built a new national headquarters, which was going to be sustainable and multi-functional. The building aimed to define the future standard for sustainable company facilities across the world, focus being on making an actual difference.

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The new headquarters would not only hold offices, but serve as a meeting place for many of the company's operations in Denmark. To that end, the open groundfloor level should include a number of functions, e.g., training facilities for technicians, a large showroom, and a service workshop for the repair of products, to mention a few. The heart of the building would also lie on the groundfloor, since this is where all employees should meet and gather, regardless of their job. This aimed to contribute to making it an ahierarchical building that was inviting and open to everyone.

By using timber, we automatically create a project that is sustainable, functional and beautiful.
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The building exterior would also be welcoming, partly thanks to the open groundfloor façades, partly thanks to the surrounding park and its paths, which set out to be public and form an active part of the local environment and thereby allowing the company to give back to its surrounding local community.

The building was developed in an integrated design process involving architects and engineers, and in close dialogue with the client, whose ambitions regarding functionality and sustainability were high. Unfortunately, the project was shut down by the client in 2023.

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