Award-winning Wastewater Treatment Plant with the forest as a present element

To meet new emission conditions, Swedish wastewater company Gryaab has expanded its treatment capacity with a new disc filter plant at Ryaverket in Gothenburg. The plant is the largest treatment plant in the Nordic region and handles 4,000 litres of water every second. The plant won the prestigious Kasper Salin award.
  • Gryaab AB, Göteborgs City
  • Year
  • Size
    2700 m2
  • Architect
    KUB arkitekter (Arkitema)
  • Utmärkelser
    Kasper Salin-priset 2010, European Steel Award 2011, Stålbyggnadspriset 2011, Helge Zimdals Pris 2011, Per & Alma Olssons Fonds Pris 2011, Vattenpriset 2011
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The new disc filter building contains two large halls for 40 so-called disc filters. Between the halls you will find the operating rooms and a viewing room, which is designed for guided tours. The room includes an artistically shaped outlet section by artist Pål Svensson.

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The building invites the forest in and, despite its size, blends into the surrounding landscape

The idea was to design a transparent, see-through body that seems to float at the end of the treatment basins, in the background towards Rya Skog. It is designed as the shape of a pure drop of water before it bursts. The sense of Rya Skog is tangible both inside and outside the building. Dark, heavy materials contrast with light, bright ones. Black clinker tiles and a dark green concrete wall meet glass and transparency.

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From our collaborators

  • The disc filter plant has the formal sharpness and architectural clarity that can sometimes be found in the category of large-scale industrial buildings. A common municipal activity has been turned into an open demonstration facility that clearly advertises itself to the surroundings and allows the surrounding forest to be present in the facility.
    — The Juty, Kasper Salin-priset