Lindholmens Tekniska Gymnasium

Award-winning school that can stand the test

The task was to design a new, modern, flexible school building, with a focus on sustainable development, for Lindholmen Tekniska Gymnasium, Gothenburg’s first municipal secondary school in over 20 years.
  • Lokalförvaltningen Göteborgs Stad
  • Location
    Utvecklingsgatan 1, 417 56 Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Year
  • Size
    11 300 m² BTA
  • Architect
    Arkitema (KUB arkitekter)
  • Award
    School Building of the Year - Nohrcon 2021
  • Award
    School Building of the Year Göteborg 2021
  • Finalist
    Facade of the Year 2021
  • Nominee
    EU Mies van der Rohe Award 2022
  • Nominee
    Kasper Salin-award 2021
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Costly redevelopments of schools are a major expense for the municipality, which posed the question of how a technical secondary school with heavy-duty technical installations and machinery could be made flexibly, efficiently and easily adaptable. It was also important for the school to be “designed as a landmark and to symbolise innovation and expertise.”

The concept landed on wide spans, high ceilings, and durable materials.

KUB LTG Photo Bert Leandersson 034 web

The facades are made as pre-fabricated concrete facades with dark-brown brick cladding, laid in relief with two different depths of varying widths. The shade and gloss value of the bricks shifts giving the facade a diverse expression. The school is crowned by a distinctive saw-tooth roof with solar panels facing the south, which, along with the geo-store and other climate technology systems, create a building that provides its surroundings with energy.

KUB LTG Photo Bert Leandersson 04 web
The school is designed as a landmark and a symbol for innovation and expertise.

On the inside, the frame of the building is visible with free-standing columns and high trusses of laminated wood. A staircase with integrated seating made out of solid wood, placed in a glass-ceilinged atrium, winds its way up through the floors. Together with the open balconies around the atria, it creates an altogether theatrical character with exciting breakout and meeting spaces.

The school was opened 21 August 2020.

KUB LTG Photo Bert Leandersson