Østre Toten healthcare and care centre

Østre Toten Municipality north of Oslo faced a number of challenges in relation to the physical settings for the eldercare and homecare services. Therefore, it was decided to co-locate health and eldercare functions in the main town, Lena, in a new building that was to house both a number of facilities aimed at the citizens of the municipality and care homes for people living with dementia.
  • Østre Toten kommune
  • Location
    Slettavegen 54, 2850 Lena
  • Year
    2017 - 2019
  • Size
    12.000 m²
  • architect
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LABO is designed as a future-oriented and flexible healthcare and care centre with logical structures, which is also a good place to be for residents, users and employees. We focused greatly on all user groups and in particular on people with dementia, who will be living at the centre, to ensure that they will still have a good life. They should have the sense of freedom, but at the same time we must take care of them to ensure they experience enhanced quality of life.

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We have re-thought the healthcare structure
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A re-thinking of the healthcare structure means that the centre is designed in squares around atria. By locating the corridors along the atria, the residents experience a healing influx of light. In addition, the squares will make is easier to extend the centre in the future, which was one of the requirements for the project. Overall, the building offers good space for the many local healthcare functions, which makes the centre a good solution to the challenge that many municipalities are faced with.

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With a parterre solution, there is room for a parking basement, main entrances, canteen and outpatient clinics at the bottom level, while the top level accommodates physical therapy facilities and two enclosed courtyards with residential units around them. This creates natural boundaries between the many people working, living and using the centre.

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