A real long-term home for the elderly

At Tåsenhjemmet, we’re not building an institution, we’ve created a safe space with a familiar feeling and identity. The physical environment should feel like home for the users, residents, visitors and employees in the building.
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  • Arkitema
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    Turnkey Contractor
  • Rambøll, ÅF Engineering
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    14.300 m²
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Tåsenhjemmet is a nursing home with 135 rooms, with living spaces for residents and visitors, as well as care and staff facilities. Furthermore, it should be a gathering point for outsider users as well as for the nursing home residents.

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Our aim is to create a building that fits its environment. It should be open to the local area so that our neighbours and passers-by can enjoy it and its green spaces. We have a playground, café, library and an outdoor gym. We believe that if we can bring life to the area with children, neighbours and others, it will be enriching for both the area and the residents of the nursing home. If our residents are no longer able to go out into the world as much, then the world can come to them.

Wood is used as much as possible - both inside and outside. Wood has a softness and warmth that makes spaces feel comfortable to be in and allows a building to breathe. The building is a FutureBuilt project, with a holistic approach to the environment. The choice of wood in particular as a material helps to lower its carbon footprint.

Arkitema has worked on the project from competition to and including detailed design.

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Our hope is that the building will be a Positive Energy Building thanks to solar panels on the roof and an excellent certification from Breeam Nor, which covers aspects such as material choice, space utilization, social responsibility and life cycle. The project is a turnkey contract and dialogue between users, builders and contractors is of the utmost importance to achieve these high environmental ambitions.

The outdoor environment is designed to enrich biodiversity, with plants that are native to the area and are liked by pollinating plants.

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