The railway of the future is coming to Sweden

The East Link Project is the first step towards a future high-speed railway on the Stockholm–Gothenburg and Stockholm–Malmö lines. Through its design, this infrastructure project lays the foundations for a new generation of railways.
  • Trafikverket
  • COWI
  • Golder Associates
  • Bergab
  • Location
    Nyköping Municipality
  • Year
  • Size
    1 station, 85 bridges, 65 km high-speed railway + 20 km regional railway
  • Architect

The East Link Project is the name of the 150 km long high-speed line that stretches between Järna and Linköping as part of the Swedish High Speed Rail program, which connects the country's three largest cities: Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

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The Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) has divided the East Link Project into four parts, and the part named OLP3 is being developed by COWI, Systra and Arkitema as part of a joint venture. Arkitema’s contribution is to define the access areas to the new high-speed line and to ensure that two new stations in Skavsta and Nyköping have travel centre functions, performance capability and the status of transport hubs. The access areas will be modern traffic hubs, making the stations and the line more accessible for people who will use the East Link every day.

In collaboration with structural engineers and landscape architects at COWI, we will also expand upon and develop the architectural solutions and design specifications for all building parts located on the OLP3 section. This includes over 67 bridges. A complex task that will require the use of our many in-house competencies. Our in-house engineers provide professionalised services, which can ensure both a fast and better integrated design.

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OLP3 stretches from Sillekrog over Nyköping to Stavsjö. In addition to the 65 km long high-speed line, the project also covers a 15 km loop that connects the city of Nyköping with the High Speed Rail network and includes two new stations: Nyköping Travel Centre and Skavsta Airport.

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