What will AI mean for the construction industry?

Molio konference 01 2023

What will AI mean for the construction industry?

13 October 2023

The Future of Construction: How could Artificial Intelligence (AI) potentially be a game-changer, and is the industry even ready for AI? Learn more here.

Yesterday, Chief Specialist and Digital Lead at Arkitema, Mikkel Printz, and Niels W. Falk, CEO at HD Lab, were keynote speakers at the Molio - Byggeriets Videnscenters conference and brought concrete examples of what new AI-based technologies are entering the industry, how they work, what they potentially replace, etc.

Let us share some key insights from their perspectives on AI's potential role in construction:
- With the increase in AI accessibility and utilization, it's crucial to establish a shared understanding. Comprehensive guidelines and policies are essential to ensure the ethical and safe application of AI.

- To truly grasp the value of AI and GenAI, we must dive into its potential. Actively developing and adopting AI-enhanced services can foster a broader understanding of AI's significance across various domains.

- GenAI may possibly disrupt our business models and value chains. This transformation underscores the merging paths of digitization, sustainability, and business development.

- Enhancing our digital maturity AND integrating AI may lead to more harmonized data, potentially boosting collaboration efficiency. Leveraging AI to analyze holistic design scenarios could advance our efforts in sustainability.

In summary, the above underscores that the construction industry is undergoing a remarkable transformation through AI. This development emphasizes the importance of ethical guidelines, anticipating industry disruptions, and leveraging AI for collaboration and sustainability.