Sophie Radich School is selected as "Project of the Month"

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Sophie Radich School is selected as "Project of the Month"

5 June 2023

Appointed ‘Project of the Month’ by Norwegian Green Building Council, we are the proud architects behind ‘Sophie Radich Skole’!

In a strong collaboration between Lillestrøm Kommune, Kruse Smith, and Arkitema, we have created this architectural design primarily in solid wood and the first of its kind in the Norwegian Municipality of Lillestrøm!

“The chosen materials contribute to a good indoor climate, to ensure a robust building and low operating and maintenance costs. Our architectural vision has been to maximize the integration of exposed timber in the interior design," explains Mette Berg, Creative Leader at Arkitema.

With an eye-catching red color, the large-scale timber construction of ‘Sophie Radich School’ is a new forward-thinking school for more than 720 pupils!

A school building with several environmental qualities and a 52 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to reference buildings.