2nd place to design alternative museum


2nd place to design alternative museum

21 December 2022

What can we learn from a young Bronze Age woman – The Egtved Girl? Yesterday, our team received 2nd place in the open architecture competition to design The World of the Egtved Girl, organized by Vejle Museerne and Vejle Kommune. 42 teams participated.

The future museum located near the Danish city of Vejle aims to enrich the cultural experience of one of the most well-preserved finds from the Bronze Age in Denmark, called the Egtved Girl.

Primarily, the dissemination of 'The World of the Egtved Girl' is conceived outdoors, however, supported by smaller buildings, visitors can as well move inside to experience up close how life unfolded 3,500 years ago.

“We are very proud to have received 2nd place in this ambitious architecture competition. In a fruitful cross-disciplinary collaboration with the talented and interdisciplinary artist, Ida Kvetny, we have developed a strong concept that blends a strong landscaping, architectural, artistic and digital approach – including a virtual Egtved Girl avatar.

Our team has designed a holistic concept that through play, movement, interactive experiences, and the use of all senses, creates a transmission of the natural and cultural history of the Bronze Age,” elaborates Anna Kathrine Bisgaard Sørensen, Associate, and Creative Leader at Arkitema.

Thanks to the Vejle Museums and the Municipality of Vejle for creating a visionary and ambitious competition programme.

Photo credit: Jonas Normann