Arkitema and Effekt wins Frederiksberg Hospital competition

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Arkitema and Effekt wins Frederiksberg Hospital competition

28 June 2022

Yesterday, our project team, Team Effekt, was appointed as the winner to design and transform the area of Frederiksberg Hospital in Copenhagen! In close collaboration, Arkitema and Effekt are going to develop a 14-hectare area into an integrated and vibrant urban district still preserving the cultural heritage of Frederiksberg.

“The buildings and the areas of Frederiksberg Hospital contain a major cultural heritage, and the broader public is emotionally linked to the district. We need to protect history and simultaneously bring more life to these incredible surroundings. It is going to be a complex journey, but together with our project team we are looking forward to transforming this cultural-historical area in the heart of Frederiksberg for the benefit of future residents and visitors,” says Poul Schülein, Partner and Business Area Manager at Arkitema.

This vision is going to be realized as Team Effekt, where Arkitema and Effekt are joining forces with COWI, Gemeinschaft, Creator Projects, and Frederiksberg Hospital.