A significant milestone for the technology company Asetek

Asetek indefra rejsegilde

A significant milestone for the technology company Asetek

27 April 2023

Yesterday we celebrated the topping-out ceremony for our future-oriented design and new business domicile for the technology company Asetek situated in the Danish city of Aalborg!

This is a significant milestone for Asetek, who wishes to bring several key functions under the same roof.

Together with COWI and in collaboration with Asetek and TL Bygg, we have had a strong focus on both architecture and engineering solutions thus it has also been extremely important to work closely with the future users of the building.

Asetek's new headquarters will contain several functions such as the development department, laboratories, administration, showroom, meeting center, part of the company's production, etc.

This new venture is eagerly anticipated, and we are excited to explore our design concept step by step getting realised as a result of our strong collaboration.

Photo credit: Asetek