Every day, at Arkitema Urban, we work to solve the challenges that our cities face. We do that because climate change and increasing urbanisation call for targeted development of the urban environments on our planet. Cities are densifying, our climate is changing, and we need nature and green elements to play an active role in urban development and help us solve the challenges.

For 50 years, Arkitema Urban has specialised in urban development and landscape architecture. When developing tomorrow’s urban structures, urban spaces and landscapes, our work is equal parts care and innovation. We acknowledge future challenges and listen to today’s users and how they experience the city in their daily lives.

We possess the technical breadth, insight and innovative strength to solve the vast challenges resulting from urbanisation regarding climate adaptation, biodiversity, mobility and housing social issues.

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When developing tomorrow’s urban structures, urban spaces and landscapes, our work is equal parts care and innovation.

Experience and expertise

Arkitema Urban numbers more than 50 architects and landscape architects, urban designers and local planners. Thanks to collaboration across our offices in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, we have access to a large palette of knowledge and practical experience regarding, e.g., ecosystem services and social sustainability. Furthermore, given our ownership relation to COWI, we have access to additional core competencies and analysis tools that secure sustainable solutions built on a strong knowledge base.


To Arkitema Urban, sustainability is our foundation for working with both the large scale and the local scale. Together with the client, we want to promote a sustainable development of society in each and every one of our projects. Current methods and sustainability topics in Scandinavia are reflected in the strategic development plans, urban spaces and landscapes that we shape, and our overall ambition is to add as much amenity value as possible to our surroundings.

Climate protection measures and sustainable urban drainage (SUD) solutions

Urban flood and coastal protection is a large-scale topic that we are engaged in. We contribute to making viable architectural marks on history by connecting the topic to the need for more housing and earth fill sites. We handle this set of complex constraints, preconditions and interests through an interdisciplinary process. In the local scale, we work to combine stormwater management with green elements in recreational, identity-creating environments booming with experiences.

Biodiversity and urban nature

To us, urban nature is more than green. It is about how green square metres are prioritised when we plan outdoor environments, and about securing high-quality green in terms of diversity in fauna, growth environments and good habitats for insects and other animals.

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Social sustainability

A well-planned social infrastructure in outdoor environments supports communities, increases the feeling of being safe, and prevents loneliness. Whether we work to implement change in vulnerable residential areas, play and learning environments or outdoor facilities for dormitories, the layout is guided by the potential for the social life. Our tools are spaces at eye level, overview and good orientation, a mix of leisure areas and movement patterns that match various degrees of community interaction and activities.


Primarily through Norwegian landscaping projects for our Oslo colleagues, we have acquired insight into the environmental certification system BREEAM, which assesses the environmental impact of a project. Not least, the system focuses on ecological values, inclusive and accessible design as well as well-being and comfort in outdoor environments. In addition to DGNB certification of buildings and related outdoor areas, we offer DGNB certification of urban areas by our trained DGNB consultants.