Trähus Ör

New timber neighborhood in Sundbyberg
How do you design a building to be both modern in architecture and inclusive as social architecture? With Trähus Ör, we propose a building which, in design as well as in its mix of housing types and materials, is a natural answer to this challenge.
  • Folkhem
  • Location
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  • Size
    16.400 m²
  • Architect
Arkitema Ör Centrum2 web

Trähus Ör consists of six different building complexes in solid timber, which step down in height, from its highest ten storeys towards the neighbouring houses and school to four storeys towards the road. In addition, passages throughout the area and its inviting spaces are integrated as the structure elegantly merges into a large square. In this way, you can take a shortcut through the area and reach the school located at the northwest corner of the residential area. In the pulsating lower floor, there is room for a grocery store, a café, a fitness centre and library, which will contribute to creating an inviting area. In this way, the courtyards, outdoor spaces and the square will buzz with life and should the residents need more privacy, they can spend time on the large shared roof terraces where cosy greenhouses form small temperate spaces on cold autumn days.

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Its accommodating features are further stressed by the choice of materials with timber as a through-going material, from the façades to the structure and the interior decoration. Timber exudes warmth and tactility and also contributes to separating the building from its surroundings and setting the standards for a modern city where the choice of timber results in a significantly smaller climate footprint compared to conventional building materials. Moreover, the material is identity-creating to its residents, who now live in the city's new, large timber building.

Arkitema Ør Centrum web

Diversity in housing types also strengthens the living character of the place. In Trähus Ör, many different people live under the same roof in rented accommodation, owner-occupied accommodation, senior living accommodation and intermediate accommodation for senior citizens.

For this project, Arkitema also developed a social action plan, which among other things includes a number of social activities for people of all ages from the local area. Moreover, the project partners undertook to offer jobs and internships to young and vulnerable people during the planning and construction phases.