Gødstrup Regional Hospital wins ‘Art Installation Award 2023’

Aart Installation Award

Gødstrup Regional Hospital wins ‘Art Installation Award 2023’

9 June 2023

What a thrill to share that Gødstrup Regional Hospital wins ‘Art Installation Award 2023’ is the Award Winner in the category ‘Art Installation Award 2023’ by Design in Mental Health Network.

Our team is glad to be recognized on an international level for our dedication, innovation, and excellence in using integrated art a crucial design element within this new “super-hospital” situated in the Danish city of Herning. Challenging the traditional hospital design, artwork in meditative colors by renowned artist, Erik A. Frandsen, adorns site-specific areas at the hospital.

“These artworks serve as a powerful positive distraction, effectively diverting thoughts from illness and other challenges. It creates an immersive experience and fosters a sense of community among our patients, visitors, and even strangers. They are a common talking point and a means of connection, that enriches interactions and cultivates a shared sense of belonging for several people at the hospital,” Rikke Degn, Chief Nursing Officer at Goedstrup Hospital.

“As architects, we are honored to receive this prestigious award, as it recognizes the profound impact our designs have on the lives of patients, visitors, and employees. When art and architecture intertwine, it contributes to creating a design expression that is less clinical thus challenging traditional hospital design in several ways,” elaborates Stence Guldager, Associated Partner and Business Area Manager at Arkitema.

A special thank you to Erik A. Frandsen, Peter Flejsborg, Erik's project manager, and IN SITU, the art advisor from the beginning. This award not only acknowledges their artworks of excellence but also inspires our industry to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible when integrating art into healthcare architecture.

Goedstrup Hospital is managed by the Region Midtjylland and designed in a consortium with AART, Nordic Office of Architecture Danmark, and Arkitema and in collaboration with Sweco and MOE Denmark.